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Kai Ko confesses his love for Elva Hsiao

The actor talked about his relationship with the Taiwanese singer and admitted that he likes her very much

Kai Ko

After numerous denials of a romantic relationship and multiple we-are-just-good-friends claims, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has finally declared - for the first time - his love for Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao during an interview in Here Comes Kang Xi.

Kai Ko told hosts Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu that his friendship with Elva deepened after a game of mahjong.

When Kevin asked if Elva was the love of his life, the 21-year-old smiled shyly, "Of all the girls that I know, I like [Elva] very much!"

Kai Ko commented there are "no barriers" between them despite their 12-year age gap. He would call Elva by name while the latter would call him "Kai Kai".

He admitted going on holidays with Elva, accompanied by a group of friends. During their trip to Bali, the pair sat beside each other on the flight and fell asleep together, but Kai Ko emphasised that they "did not share the same blanket".

Dee questioned Kai eagerly if he had the urge to kiss his girlfriend while she was asleep, who then blushed immediately afterwards. "She [Elva] looked cute, but I won't kiss her."

Kai also commented that Elva looks beautiful even without makeup, and has a domineering look after makeup.

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