Kai Ko

Taiwanese breakout star, Kai Ko hits jackpot after working on the top-grossing summer flick of 2011, You are the Apple of my Eye, when he was offered an unrevealed eight-digit sum (NT$) for his first solo commercial as the Asia spokesperson for a contact lens brand.

The 21-year-old star came to fame after starring in his debut movie You are the Apple of my Eye and it is known that his hefty endorsement fee for the contact lens brand is a far cry when compared to the amount he received when he was a model prior to his acting debut.

In the commercial, Kai shows his sunny boy personality and flaunts his basketball skills, even entertaining the staff on-set with his funny antics during filming.

In other related news, the actor who often interacts with his fans through his microblog said that he "recently fell in love with alpacas" and "it is so cute" that he wants to imitate it. Kai then attached a photo of him imitating an alpaca to which fans commented that "they [Kai and an alpaca] looked alike".