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Kang Kang gives himself 70 marks for his role in Greedy Ghosts

The Taiwanese host takes on a lead role for the first time in the local movie

Kang Kang & Mark Lee

Taiwanese entertainer Kang Kang took on his first lead actor role in the local movie Greedy Ghosts, which is directed by Mark Lee. The filming was done in Malaysia with Jesseca Liu as the leading lady and other stars such as Brendan Yuen and Taiwanese host Nono making appearances on the show as well.

The story revolves around the unlucky Xiao Lin (Kang Kang) who stumbles across a "Book of Heaven" which helps him win a prize for the first time. In order to break away from his poverty, Xiao Lin turns to the spirit of the book (voiced by Mark Lee) and asks for help whenever he runs into an obstacle in life. He is rewarded with monetary gains but his life is in turn cut short.

At an interview with xinmsn, Kang Kang agreed that his 'dialogues' with the book were the hardest to film, expressing, "I felt as though I was miming. I was also supposed to only hear (the book spirit's) voice but not see him - like a crazy person. The assistant director would sit there holding the script with his legs crossed and read his lines without emotion."

This being his first leading role, Kang Kang felt that he did not do well enough after watching the final edited film, sharing that he had a lot of room to improve. Mark, who was seated next to Kang Kang during the interview, quipped, "It's normal! Everyone, including Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi will feel like they should have done better in some parts, don't worry about it!"

Kang Kang

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