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Kenji Wu admits to dating Laurinda Ho

The Taiwanese singer finally admits to his relationship with Laurinda Ho

Kenji Wu, Laurinda Ho

Taiwanese Mandopop star Kenji Wu recently publicly confessed that Laurinda Ho, daughter of Macau’s casino magnate, is his girlfriend, after the pair has been dating in secret for two years.

34-year-old Kenji was photographed going out with 22-year-old Laurinda on several occasions, and they have reportedly gone to Maldives for a holiday, and Kenji even expressed his love for her on Weibo.

Despite so, they have never admitted openly that they are a couple, and when quizzed by reporters, Kenji had always maintained that Laurinda is a “good friend”.

But during a recent interview with the Hong Kong media, when reporters asked if Laurinda is indeed his girlfriend, he candidly replied: “Yes!”

Reporters then praised the couple for being a compatible pair, to which Kenji replied happily: “Thanks!”

As he has been busy with his fashion label and entertainment firm, while Laurinda has been busy working in Beijing, how does the pair maintain their relationship?

“We can meet as long as we are sincere about it,” he replied with a smile.

He added candidly, “We try to interact less on Weibo, as we both don’t want to be high profile about our relationship. We don’t want our relationship to affect our work and create stress.”

Kenji Wu, Laurinda Ho

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