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Kenneth Ma and Tracy Chu rumoured to be secretly dating

Kenneth has been frequently seen sending his The Hippocratic Crush II co-star home

Kenneth Ma Tracy Chu

Could a new romance be brewing between Hong Kong actors Kenneth Ma and Tracy Chu?

Although 39-year-old Kenneth and Tracy, 25, do not share any scenes in TVB drama The Hippocratic Crush II, the two reportedly grew closer after spending time together on set.

Tracy, who was the second runner-up at the Miss Hong Kong Pageant last year, was said to have actively sought Kenneth’s advice on acting during filming. The pair too spend quite a bit of time together after work - the actor reportedly gives Tracy a ride home every day after filming.

Last week, TVB held a public screening event where the cast of The Hippocratic Crush II caught the finale episode of the drama together with viewers. After the event, the rumoured couple was again spotted leaving in the same car, along with Tracy’s mum who attended the screening.

At a highway toll gantry, Tracy even offered her “Octopus card” (a reusable contactless stored value smart card) to Kenneth to make payment, while her mum, who was seated at the back, appeared to be in a good mood.

During a recent interview, Tracy mentioned that her ideal boyfriend is someone who is “kind-hearted and understanding about the nature of her job”, which sparked speculations that she was referring to Kenneth.

Kenneth Ma Tracy Chu

Kenneth Ma Tracy Chu

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