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Kenny Wong gets into scuffle with Hong Kong artistes

The owner of the restaurant where the drug scandal took place was reportedly hit by Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang

Eric Tsang

Kenny Wong, owner of the restaurant where the drug party involving 23 Hong Kong artistes reportedly took place, has gotten into the bad books of several artistes.

He attended former Miss Hong Kong participant Karman Cheng’s wedding banquet on Wednesday night and reportedly exchanged blows with a few other artistes present at the dinner. Eric Tsang, Julian Cheung and other artistes were said to have looked him up and a physical conflict broke out between them.

Kenny was warned “not to hand over the closed-circuit footage” and “to do as he is told and not create more trouble”. He was slapped by a person in the midst of the tussle and Eric, who appeared to be drunk, was the biggest suspect behind it.

The security handed the case over to the police and Eric spent half an hour giving statements at the station along with other celebrities such as Michael Miu. The veteran actor responded via his assistant that it is not convenient for him to comment on the case now since a police report has been made.

Kenny headed to the hospital to examine his wounds under the accompaniment of his wife and actress Suki Chui. The couple was threatened by a group of gang members who were waiting at the hospital’s entrance when they left. They threatened him with these words: “If you continue to spurt nonsense, someone’s going to come after you.”

This is not the first time Kenny was ‘advised’ against disclosing the video footage which contains the truth of everything that happened during the night. He previously handed the case over to the police and was outraged by accusations thrown at him. Latest updates on the drug party scandal reports that no artiste has been arrested yet.

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Kenny Wong


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