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Kevin Tsai shares tips on maintaining long-run relationships

The Taiwanese writer-host has no plans for children via surrogate

Kevin Tsai

Since Taiwanese host and writer Kevin Tsai openly acknowledged his sexual orientation on a television program in 2002, he has been in a loving relationship with his partner George for 10 years now. He expressed no regrets about being honest and is glad to see the society’s growing tolerance and acceptance of gay public figures.

With the coming out of Hong Kong singers Denise Ho and Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming recently, the 50-year-old shared tips on maintaining a long-run relationship. While there is inevitable pressure being a gay couple, Kevin and George choose to keep their composure in face of problems and try to resolve issues calmly.

The pair’s amiable relationship has always been the envy of many Taiwanese artistes. In response, Kevin advised that the key is to learn, show concern for one’s partner, and luck. He cited gifts and couple holidays as examples to warm the relationship.

Though they tend to go on ‘cold war’ rather than having verbal arguments, such instances are rare and when they did happen, they would straighten things out. George would bring Kevin’s favourite food to appease him, and added that the best ‘weapon’ to end a fight is by telling the other party “you win”.

Though they are on good terms, they are not thinking of engaging a surrogate mother. According to Kevin, the world is too complicated and the couple is not confident of raising a kid well.

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