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Kim Soo Hyun creates mayhem in Taiwan

Over 1000 fans gathered at the airport to welcome the popular South Korean actor

Kim Soo Hyun

You Who Came From The Stars actor Kim Soo Hyun was greeted by some 300 reporters and over 1,000 fans at the airport when he arrived in Taiwan for his fan meet last weekend. The restaurant where he dined at on Friday was also swarmed by members of the public who wanted to catch a glimpse of “Do Min Joon” (his role in the drama).

Unlike Do Min Joon who is a man of few words, Soo Hyun displayed his real-life bubbly personality at the press conference in Taiwan on Friday. The affable actor not only greeted the media in Taiwanese dialect, he also tickled the crowd with a mispronounciation of “beef noodles” in Chinese.

As it was his first overseas event, the 26-year-old was so nervous that he suffered insomnia the night before. However, he showed no signs of lethargy as he burst out laughing each time the host Mickey Huang called him “Do Min Joon”. Soo Hyun was spotted giggling so hard that he almost teared and had to tell himself to calm down.

While sharing his filming experience, Soo Hyun, who is left-handed, revealed that he had to use the chopsticks with his right hand in the drama, upon the director’s request. “It’s so difficult to eat with my right hand! There were times when I just wanted to dig in with my left hand!” he exclaimed.

Soo Hyun shed tears during his fan meet in Seoul two weeks ago, causing many to believe that the actor has been under “too much stress” following the success of You Who Came From The Stars, which also stars actress Jun Ji-hyun. At the press conference in Taiwan, Soo Hyun clarified that he cried because he was moved by everyone’s support. “I am actually a cry-baby!” he laughed.

The actor will hold his "2014 Kim Soo Hyun Asia Tour 1st Memories in Singapore" fan meet at Singapore Expo on Apr 27.

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

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