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Kristal Tin takes Chapman To’s side

Kristal Tin spoke up to defend her husband amidst the ongoing saga

Kristal Tin Wilfred Lau

Hong Kong comedian-actor Chapman To has still not been forgiven for his recent transgressions towards singer Joey Yung. Yesterday, his wife Kristal Tin stepped up to support her husband.

After Chapman was scolded by Joey for cracking an inappropriate joke at Ronald Ng’s concert, netizens have been speculating about the Cantopop queen’s sudden outburst online, as the amicable singer is known for having few enemies. Some have suggested that Joey had had little tolerance for Chapman as the latter had once joked that her boyfriend, Wilfred Lau, is “trash”.

During the recording for a music show the day before, Kristal spoke up to support her husband, claiming that he “couldn’t have poked fun at a senior (Wilfred)”. The actress also revealed that her husband treasured his friendship with Joey very much.

She added that Chapman is a very kind person, and she felt that this incident has taught him a lesson, so she hopes that things will settle down soon.

As for Wilfred, he stated that he had no comments about this issue: “I will not say anymore. When the other party doesn’t speak, my words decide where this thing goes.”

So are the reports on Chapman insulting him at a party true? Wilfred replied, “I made a trip to the doctor’s today, so I didn’t pay attention to the reports. I can only say that I have never been to a party with him. This incident will blow over if I don’t answer.”

When asked about how Joey was feeling, he expressed that it was not his place to answer.

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Kristal Tin

Kristal Tin

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