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Lee Hom’s family photo suspected of being digitally edited

Lee Hom released a family photo on Thanksgiving, which was suspected of being photo-edited to add in his wife Lee Jinglei

Lee Hom

Mandopop singer songwriter Wang Lee Hom, who has recently been in the media spotlight after declaring his marriage with Lee Jinglei, a 27-year-old graduate student from Colombia University, is back into the limelight again after he released a family photo on Thanksgiving, which was suspected by netizens of being photo-edited to add in his bride.

A total of 16 members of the Lee family and two dogs made up the joyous-looking family photo. Lee Hom and his wife Lee Jinglei sat in the middle of the front row, with Jinglei hooking an arm around her husband’s, while holding their grandmother’s hand with another. Lee Hom also placed his right hand on his wife’s. This heartwarming image, however, was criticised by netizens of having five major loopholes, and was suspected to have been digitally edited.

Netizens pointed out that a relative’s shadow appeared to be in an illogical direction, the hair contour of another appeared unnatural, and their standing positions seemed illogical. It was also mentioned that the colour of the wall seemed uneven, and that the dogs appeared to have an incorrect head-to-body proportion.

Another netizen even boldly speculated that Lee Jinglei may not even be present, and that the photo was edited to create a picture of happiness and harmony.

And that’s not all – a photo of Lee Hom sitting only with his parents was even discovered, but a netizen admitted that the photo was a personal creation and not the original.

Lee Hom

A netizen admitted to digitally editing the 'Lee family photo'

Responding to the major loopholes in the picture, Lee Hom’s manager said that only an ugly painting on the wall was digitally removed, and the photo was otherwise untouched. She said that these netizens have “overly active imaginations”, and added that as Lee Hom is on vacation in the US, he is unable to retrieve the original file to show everyone.

But Lee Hom himself is unaffected by these speculations, and even posted up on Weibo a photo of himself skiing. Fans have called for more pretty photos of his wife, and showed unanimous support for the couple.

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