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Lee Hom and wife bake cakes for loved ones

The couple baked wedding pastries at an event in Taiwan yesterday

Lee Hom Lee Jinglei

Mandopop star Lee Hom and his wife Lee Jinglei appeared at an event together for the first time in Taiwan yesterday and jointly made 270 boxes of wedding cookies for their family and friends.

Urged by the reporters to display more affection, Lee Hom, who called Jinglei “Miss Lee” out of embarrassment at first, then gave his wife a tight back hug and planted a kiss on her cheek.

While preparing ingredients for the pastries, the newly-wedded couple was seen sweetly whispering to each other. When asked if she is a fan of Lee Hom, Jinglei hesitated for a moment before saying “no”. Lee Hom feigned disappointment after hearing her reply and exclaimed: “You’re not my fan! I’m so sad!”

To make up for her “slip of tongue”, Jinglei promptly added that she was attracted to Lee Hom’s kind and caring personality. “He is romantic and he helps out with the household chores. He’s even more attentive than women because he remembers all the important dates,” she said.

Additionally, Jinglei revealed that the couple, who enjoys cooking during their free time, previously whipped up a feast for Lee Hom’s concert band members during Christmas.

Although Lee Hom and Jinglei are thankful for the support from everyone, the multihyphenate hopes that the media would give them more space. For now, the couple are not planning to take wedding photos and have no plans to throw a wedding banquet, but they will be travelling to Africa for their honeymoon after Chinese New Year.

Lee Hom Lee Jinglei

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