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Lee Hom threatens legal action against defamatory rumours

Speaking up after his recent marriage, Lee Hom says he will take legal action against any defamatory rumours of his wife

Lee Hom

Mandopop singer songwriter Wang Lee Hom’s new wife has sparked off much public and media interest after he announced his marriage last Wednesday.

His announcement, a day after he went public about his relationship with 27-year-old Columbia graduate student Lee Jinglei, came as a double shock to many. Jinglei, who is 10 years Lee Hom’s junior, suddenly found herself in the public spotlight. Netizens, in a curious and excited bid to find out more about her, have also stirred up much online discussion about her.

Word spread that Jinglei is a mixed Taiwanese-Japanese, who studied in Taipei’s Dominican International School; some netizens even dug up her elementary school photo. When comparing her single eye-lidded, thick-lipped younger self to her current doe-eyed, sweet-looking image, some even said that she might have gone under the knife for her looks. There were also rumours that her Columbia graduate status was only in name.

During Thanksgiving, when Lee Hom posted up his family photo, there were speculations that the photo was digitally edited to include Jinglei, and that she was actually not present. Some ‘sharp-eyed’ netizens also claimed that the dog she was hugging in the photo belonged to her ex-boyfriend and rumours of her prior engagement to an ex-boyfriend in February this year started to spread.

Lee Hom, who is currently in the midst of filming for a micro movie in the US, first spoke up about his marriage yesterday. He thanked friends and fans for their blessings, and said that he is very happy in his blissful marriage.

In response to the multitude of rumours that have been spread about his wife, he said: “As they are all untrue, I don’t pay any attention to them.” But he added that if there are future slanderous remarks, he would not hesitate to seek advice from his management company to take legal action.

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Lee Hom

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