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Liliy Hsiao loses 26kg by starving herself

The Taiwanese artiste who recently made her first public appearance after successfully shedding 26kg revealed her extreme diet method

Liliy Hsiao Shu Shen

Liliy Hsiao Shu Shen recently revealed her extreme diet plans after she successfully shed 26kg in less than a year.

According to the Taiwanese media, the 168cm Taiwanese artiste weighed 75kg when she was released from jail in July last month. When she saw herself in the mirror for the first time since her release, the shocked artiste wanted to smash the mirror and was determined to lose the excess weight.

Starting her extreme diet plan without consulting any nutritionist, the 36-year-old starved herself and only allowed herself to drink water when she was hungry. At times when she could not withstand the hunger pangs, she ate boiled broccoli and chicken breast meat. While she successfully lost 8kg within two months, Lily became anorexic from her extreme dieting.

Forced to change her diet method, Liliy restricted herself to one lunch box per day and refused to consume any food after 3pm. She even fainted several times because she was too weak from hunger.

She also started engaging in various kinds of exercises, including workouts at home, boxing and running everyday. After three months, her weight dropped to 55kg. Weighing 47kg now, a confident-looking Lily showed off her slender figure two days ago after staying out of the public eye for months.

Recalling her painful diet experience to reporters, Liliy said, “I always work out so hard until I become so tired, but my weight only reduces a few kg over a long period of time, and this makes me feel very discouraged.” In order to maintain her figure, Liliy added that she continues to follow a strict diet plan and avoids eating after 6pm.

Liliy Hsiao Shu Shen

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