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Lin Chi-ling sheds ladylike image for TV program

The Taiwanese supermodel danced to Gangnam Style, hugged the host and even injured herself during program recording

Eddy Ou, Lin Chi-ling

Taiwanese actress-model Lin Chi-ling recently went on a Chinese variety show Day Day UP, to promote her new movie 101st marriage proposal which is set to premiere in China next Valentine’s day.

Artistes who also attended the program recording include local celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, and Ada Choi and husband Max Zhang. As the only guest on the program who is single, Chi-ling was paired with the show’s host Eddy Ou (Ou Di).

The 38-year-old was said to be extremely cooperative, following the rundown completely, and was not afraid to let go of her demure image. She danced to Gangnam Style, which was not in the original script, and even gave Eddy a big hug.

Eddy, who said that he felt like Andy Lau because only the heavenly kings get these ‘treats’, joked, “I didn’t expect to receive such an honour.”

While hitting Eddy on the chest repeatedly for effect, Chi-ling screamed in pain when she injured herself with the studs on his blazer. Although the cut caused the model’s hand to bleed on the spot, it was fortunately a minor injury.

He reprimanded jokingly after learning about the incident, “I’ve caught the culprit [stud]!”

When he was asked on his experience working with the supermodel, who is one foot taller than him, he shared that there was no pressure and that both of them are professionals.

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Eddy Ou, Lin Chi-ling

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