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Lu Chen and Ariel Boo display affections publicly

The celebrity couple has been showing off their close relationship in public

Lu Chen, Ariel Boo

Taiwanese magician Lu Chen has recently opened up about his romance with Ariel Boo, a renowned restaurateur who is also a Chinese model.

The two were spotted behaving affectionately on a date, linking arms and locking fingers while shopping at a popular mall in Taipei. Acting like a pair of newlyweds, Ariel leaned on her boyfriend’s shoulders at the cashier, with him looking blissfully in love.

Displaying their affections for one another publicly, the lovebirds held hands and pushed the shopping trolley together when Ariel suddenly turned around and playfully enveloped Chen with a hug.

Ariel and Chen hurriedly went to the carpark and left the scene when the couple realised that the paparazzo was hot on their heels.

When asked if wedding bells are ringing soon, Chen clarified, “It’s her first time in Taiwan. I hope everyone gives us some space. We’re getting along well and we should do fine if the media does not come down hard on us.”

The 36-year-old, who is currently busy with his tour, mentioned that his focus is still on his career right now and marriage plans would have to depend on fate.

“If I can do that, I will make them [paparazzi] disappear first!” he retorted, when reporters teased the magician to try the ‘vanishing act’ on his girlfriend as he was quick to shun the paparazzi.


Lu Chen, Ariel Boo

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