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Luna Sea ready to rock the Singapore stage

The legendary Japanese rock band talks about their reunion after 10 years and their first impression of Singapore

Luna Sea

Text & Photos: Teo Sijia
Video: Fiona Lin & Tay Yixuan

Setting foot in Singapore for the first time in 26 years since their formation, legendary Japanese rock band Luna Sea promised fans that their concert this Friday night would be a perfect conclusion to their Asia Tour.

While members Sugizo, J, Shinya and Inoran turned up at the press conference yesterday, lead singer Ryuchi was absent as he was feeling slightly unwell.

He however conveyed his deepest appreciation to Singapore fans and assured them that he would put on his best performance at the concert.

Singapore is the last stop for Luna Sea’s “The End of The Dream” Asia Tour 2013, and the band was full of praises for our sunny island when they described their first impression of Singapore.

During the press conference, J said, “I was very impressed with the scenery that I saw along the way from the airport to town. I haven’t seen anything like that before, it’s so beautiful that it makes me want to explore the different places in Singapore.”

Drummer Shinya pointed out Singapore’s modernity and greenery as the two most striking features that made an impression on him.

Contradictory to the usual quiet personality and the ‘cool’ image given off by a rock band, Luna Sea showed their fun and adorable side when they asked reporters to recommend famous local delights in return.

They got excited when suggestions like “chili crab” were brought up, and Shinya even imitated the way crabs wave their pincers with his fingers.

Aware of the presence of J-pop fans in Singapore, the band was overwhelmed by the warm welcome that they received upon arriving at Changi airport.

Lead guitarist Sugizo said that he enjoys the connection made with foreign fans whenever they visit a new country, “I’m very happy that this is the start of our relationship and I look forward to getting to know all of you better.”

Recognising the strong fan base in Southeast Asia, Luna Sea hopes to bring their concert tour to places that they have never visited before, such as Malaysia and Philippines. Foreign ‘slaves’ (the official name for Luna Sea fans) may also rejoice as they revealed plans for opening up official fanclub memberships for foreign fans.


Luna Sea

Luna Sea members Inoran, J, Shinya and Sugizo


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