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Ma Yili thanks tabloid for exposing Wen Zhang’s adultery

Ma Yili sent a text message to thank the magazine that revealed her husband’s infidelity

Wen Zhang

Chinese actor Wen Zhang’s adultery saga has seen new developments as it was revealed that his wife, actress Ma Yili, had sent a thank you message to the tabloid that exposed his two-timing.

Wen Zhang was recently revealed to have committed adultery with former co-star Yao Di. While the latter has completely hidden herself from public scrutiny, Wen Zhang engaged in a fiery verbal match with the editor of SE Weekly.

The night before, the actor took to his Weibo to denounce the magazine: “If you want to play, I’ll play with you, so don’t drag other people into this! All I have is this life of mine; I’ll go all the way with you guys!”

In retaliation, the editor revealed that Yili had actually sent a text message to thank them for exposing the adultery and saving her home from a broken fate, hinting that she was the mastermind behind the exposure. However, some netizens have questioned the authenticity of the text message.

Yili made no response towards the accusation, but her father unknowingly confirmed the fact that she had sent the message when he stepped up to protect his son-in-law.

Mr Ma asserted that his daughter was not the person behind the big reveal. He added that although this incident has dealt them a huge blow, they are willing to let bygones be bygones since Wen Zhang has expressed his remorse and returned to the family.

He explained that Yili was thankful for the media’s attention on her husband, and not a particular publication. Doubting the intentions of the magazine that publicised the text message, he pleaded for them to let their family off.

On the other hand, third-party Yao Di has vanished from the radar ever since her illicit relationship with Wen Zhang was revealed. Netizens have posted various insulting and vulgar comments on her Weibo, urging her to show herself. Last night, provoked by the incessant abuse on the actress, Yao Di’s close friend stepped up to strike back.

The friend said, “Wen Zhang, all the promises that you made, and the tears that you shed before Yao Di are nothing but bullshit! Wen Zhang and Ma Yili are a despicable pair. Two years ago, you were both playing behind each other’s backs, who doesn’t know about what happened between Yili and that heir from Shanxi? Wen Zhang, you’ve been patronising prostitutes in Shenzhen and Qingdao, who knows how many female stars you’ve hooked up with without your wife’s knowledge.”

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Yao Di

Yao Di

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