Tuesday, 06 May 2014 10:15

Maggie Cheung sings out of tune at music festival

The veteran Hong Kong actress actually requested for 20 chances from the audience to continue singing

Maggie Cheung

Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung took the stage at the Taipei Strawberry Music Festival two days ago, and revealed that she had actually sung out of tune at a music festival in Shanghai.

But the 49-year-old actress held on to her dream of becoming a singer, and sincerely asked the audience to give her 20 chances to continue singing. Though Maggie had starred in over 20 films and has been crowned queen in the film industry, she maintained that she is simply a ‘vase’, and hopes to be successful in her singing.

Her determination was so strong that after presenting two songs, despite the premature ending of the festival due to strong wind, she insisted on continuing to sing and had to be carried off by a crew member.

Prominent music producer Eric Chen admitted that if a producer can find a suitable voice range for her, Maggie’s voice can actually be trained. But another music producer Hong Jingyao said that she is deliberately singing with a more manly voice to have her own unique style.

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