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Makiyo’s mum’s lung cancer worsens

Makiyo’s mother reportedly stopped treatment and refuses to be hospitalised


Taiwanese based artiste Makiyo made headlines last year for a taxi driver assault case with her Japanese boyfriend Takateru Tomoyori, which almost cost Makiyo her career in showbiz.

Adding on to that, her 63-year-old mother was also said to have been diagnosed with lung cancer last year with only four months to live. At that time, Makiyo’s mother stopped chemotherapy due to allergies and turned to Chinese medicine, while still going for regular medical check-ups.

Recently, her condition appeared to have worsened. Last month after a check-up, it was discovered that she had pleural effusion, a condition where she had fluid in the lungs. In a recent interview, she admitted that she felt weaker, her shoulders and ribs ached and she was frequently out of breath when she spoke.

But despite this, she did not want to be hospitalised. “I don’t want to lie on the hospital bed like other patients,” she said. “I would rather be at home. And I feel that when I take too much Western medicine, my stomach feels uncomfortable, and my kidney also functions worse.”

She added that she also does not want to burden her family, and leaves life and death to fate. In addition, after she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer five years ago, she came down with anxiety problems and had to take sleeping pills to sleep properly.

Makiyo remains worried about her mother’s condition. During a recent interview, she said: “My mother became happier after she stopped chemotherapy, and was less in pain. But she is easily out of breath now, and I’m getting nightmares every day – either about losing my loved ones or about calamities striking. It makes me very anxious.”

She also revealed that she has been having bouts of amnesia, which may be due to a previous accident where she hit her head. The doctor had advised her to go for a health check-up.

Makiyo and her two sisters are now taking care of their mother together. Makiyo has reduced her entertaining activities and returns home before 10pm to keep her mum company.

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