Tuesday, 11 December 2012 11:26

Makiyo is ready to return to showbiz

After the drunken assault case, the Taiwanese celeb talks about her ex-relationship with Tomoyori and says she’s ready to make a comeback


Taiwanese entertainer Makiyo recently confessed her relationship with Japanese friend Takateru Tomoyori for the first time, ten months after they were embroiled in a taxi driver assault case in February this year. Both of them were drunk and had hit the taxi driver harshly several times in the chest and abdomen area.

Makiyo revealed that they only started dating after knowing each other for seven months. Makiyo previously kept their relationship under wraps and was taken aback when Tomoyori publicly announced their relationship at that time.

Tomoyori was said to be deeply in love with Makiyo as he was willing to take the rap on his girlfriend's behalf when the drunken assault incident happened.

The 28-year-old had since broken up with Tomoyori and stressed that they are "just friends right now, only messaging each other occasionally".

During the interview, Makiyo also expressed the pressure she faced from the public over these ten months. The artiste did not dare to step out of her house and at one point in time, cried for two weeks long and isolated herself in her bedroom.

"I was afraid that my cancer-stricken mum would find out and worry for me," she added.

Although the incident left an immediate impact on Makiyo's career, she is ready to return to the entertainment industry anytime. "I'm interested to go into singing or acting in future."

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