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Mark Chao takes a vacation with his mother and girlfriend

The Taiwanese actor was seen vacationing in China together with his girlfriend Gao Yuan Yuan and his mother

Mark Chao Gao Yuan Yuan

Taiwanese actor Mark Chao was recently seen vacationing with his Chinese actress girlfriend Gao Yuan Yuan and his mother in China.

According to the Taiwanese media, Mark went to Beijing to promote his upcoming movie So Young and brought along his girlfriend and mother for a short three-day vacation.

Netizens posted photos of the trio sightseeing at Zhangjiajie, a famous scenic tourist attraction in the Hunan province two days ago.

The celebrity couple, who have been dating for over a year, is usually upfront about showing their affections for each other in public. However, they did not hold hands  and even kept a distance from each other while sightseeing.

Instead, the filial Mark was seen attending to his mother throughout the trip, holding on to her to prevent her from slipping. Yuan Yuan was also seen getting along well with her ‘future mother-in-law’.

Netizens teased the couple and commented, “They don’t dare to behave intimately in front of Mark’s mother because she might get jealous!”

Despite dressing casually and attempting to disguise themselves to keep a low profile, the couple was still identified by the public. Mark and Yuan Yuan both responded kindly when onlookers called their names, but politely declined the public’s requests to take photos with them.

Mark Chao Gao Yuan Yuan

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