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Matilda Tao’s family photo exposed

The angry Taiwanese host warned that she would take action against the culprit who exposed the photo

Matilda Tao

Matilda Tao’s family photo taken during a recent holiday trip to Australia was recently exposed, and the Taiwanese host angrily declared that she would take legal action against the culprit.

According to the Taiwanese media, Matilda and her actor husband Li Liren brought their children to Australia for a vacation over the Lunar New Year. A photo of the family posing with a Koala in Australia surfaced yesterday and Matilda revealed that the sole family photo was included in her daughter’s school assignment.

Angered by the unexpected exposure, Matilda told the media that she would definitely take action and remarked, “Someone is doomed. I’m waiting for my lawyer to get up from his bed.”

Meanwhile, Matilda posted an article titled “Taiwan is good” online to complain about her unpleasant experience overseas, sparking off criticisms from both netizens and travelers.

In the article, the popular host voiced out her unhappiness with racism and the high cost of living in Australia.

Naming a few examples of overpriced items sold in Australia, Matilda ranted, “A Slurpee drink costs NT$150 (about S$6), one portion of Caesar salad costs NT$900 (about S$37), a pack of cigarettes costs NT$600 (about S$25) and a small cup of coffee costs NT$120 (about S$5).”

“Even taking a photograph with a Koala costs NT$600 (approximately S$25)!” she added.

Matilda clarified through the media yesterday that the article was merely a personal recount of her traveling experience, and everything else stated by her “are facts”.

Matilda Tao

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