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Mayday’s Ashin guest-performs at Jolin Tsai’s concert

The Taiwanese band’s vocalist made his debut guest-appearance at the songstress’s Taipei concert last Sunday

Jolin Tsai & Ashin

Fans’ excitement level reached a new high last Sunday when two of Taiwan’s popular music sensation -  rock band Mayday’s vocalist Ashin and dancing diva Jolin Tsai performed together at the Taipei Arena.

Ashin blushed and kept a distance from Jolin when she wore a revealing outfit onstage, showing off her shapely figure.

“Aren’t you cold?” the 37-year-old asked Jolin, and immediately offered his jacket.

The Taiwanese songstress amused the spectators when she humorously responded, “I’m used to exposing my body ‘to the public’.”

Despite having just completed a two-day Mayday concert over the weekend, Ashin still travelled from Kaohsiung to Taipei straight after the end of his band’s concert on Sunday night.

Ashin jokingly expressed he needed to “repay his debt” to Jolin as the latter was Mayday's special guest at their Taiwan concert during April this year.

The 32-year-old hardworking singer dislocated her spine last Friday when she was rehearsing a complex inverse pole dance for her upcoming concert. She fell headfirst from one metre above ground and currently still suffers from muscle spasms.

Even though her fingers and left leg are feeling numb and weak, Jolin still carried on with her performance. After the end of Jolin’s tour concert, she reportedly needs to visit the doctor two to three times a week in order to treat her dislocated spine.

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Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai & Ashin

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