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Michael Wong’s wife supports daughter in her ‘coming out’

Hong Kong-based actor’s wife Janet Ma is okay with their daughter dating another girl

Michael Wong Janet Ma

Hong Kong-based actor Michael Wong’s daughter Kayla was recently seen kissing a girl of foreign descent in a park, and was seen flirting with each other on the streets. When news of their relationship surfaced, Kayla’s mother, supermodel Janet Ma, appeared to be supportive.

A few days ago, Kayla was seen meeting the same girl again at a bar, and both hugged and behaved intimately, but Kayla noticed that they were in a crowded street and immediately withdrew herself from her friend’s arms.

The pair continued their intimate behavior at another bar while drinking, before getting into a cab with another female friend and headed towards the girl’s apartment. Kayla was not seen to have left till the next morning.

When a reporter phoned Kayla’s mother Janet, she expressed her support for her daughter’s choice again. “As long as the children are happy, we are happy,” she said. “Love cannot be restricted by age or gender.”

Is Kayla dating the foreign girl? She replied: “From what I know, they are good friends. Is hanging out counted as dating?”

When the reporter said that a stable form of “hanging out” should be considered as dating, Janet replied candidly: “Then that should be it!”

Janet admitted that she has seen the girl before but not often, and added that she does not need to know about her daughter’s friends’ lives.

Michael Wong Kayla Wong

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