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Michelle Chong’s third ‘Pea’: From salesgirl to movie star

EXCLUSIVE: The search is over and this girl-next-door might be 2013’s breakout movie star

Jae Liew and Michelle Chong

Jae Liew and Michelle Chong

Still "floored" by Michelle's decision to cast her, Jae, who spent 1.5 years schooling in Melbourne, plans to take things "step by step" for now. She's not feeling nervy about debuting on the big screen alongside Calvin Chen from Fahrenheit and ex U-Kiss member, Alexander Lee Eusebio.

"Am I worried? Not quite. As long as I put my mind to it and do what I can right now, what matters is for me to do my best right now and I believe I'll do better," said the vivacious and likeable lass.

Michelle Chong

An optimistic go-getter, Jae's so focused on doing her best that she is undeterred by our questions of what-ifs and failure.

Come what may, she maintained, "I'll definitely be giving my all - whether or not it comes to fruition."

In a separate interview with xinmsn, Michelle shared that Jae did not leave her with much of an impression at first glance during the auditions. However, the situation turned around when she started to act, said the comedienne.

"She had no experience but she's very natural, doesn't speak funny - leave that to me -- and sounded comfortable in both English and Mandarin. Most importantly, she could act and it felt real."

Michelle also complimented her third 'Pea' for having an acting spark, "She has that quality that is very likeable, a good personality and everything else just fits... Funny thing is after Jae left the room, I joked with the crew and told them: 'Okay, it's a wrap!' (Laughs)."

It is a wrap - the auditions, we mean - for now. The main cast will gather in March when filming commences. Stay tuned to xinmsn for more updates on Michelle's second directorial project, 3 Peas in a Pod!

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