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Michelle Chong on the hunt for 3 Peas in a Pod’s lead actress

The local filmmaker’s second movie project stars Asian artistes Calvin Chen and Alexander Lee Eusebio

Michelle Chong

While much has been said about the two lead actors (Calvin Chen from Fahrenheit and former U-Kiss member Alexander Lee Eusebio) in Michelle Chong's upcoming second movie project, 3 Peas in a Pod, a big question mark remains: who will play the lucky lass sandwiched between these two desirable idols?

For those expecting the actress to take on the lead role as she did in her first flick, it's a definite no-go. Michelle, who is making only a cameo appearance in the movie, will be cherry-picking her lead actress via a two-day audition for the role on Jan 19 and 20.

So what exactly is she looking for in her leading lady?

In an email interview with xinmsn, the filmmaker shared a list of basic criterion, which includes being "pleasant-looking but not gorgeous", fluency in English and Mandarin, and last but not least, to look of University-going age. So far, she has not shortlisted anyone.

"This person will play a sweet, unassuming girl who would do a lot of things for love", says Michelle.

Hopeful and budding actresses who think they fit the bill and want to take a stab at fame, watch out for more audition details set to roll out in days to come. "At this point, I am very open [to people with acting background and new faces]. I think we will know when we see the right girl. This girl has to have a special quality about her that can be translated on screen."

With 2013 is shaping out to be a busy year for this go-getter read on to find out what other plans Michelle Chong has installed for Left Profile (PS: she's speaking to a few people now!), and perhaps a possible TV series in the pipelines and a future return to The Noose? (Ed: We can only hope.)

xinmsn: Were Calvin Chen and Alexander your number one choices from the start?
No they were not because my no. 1 choices were PSY and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Just Kidding. Calvin and Xander (Alexander's nickname) were two of several names that were suggested to me but after some research, I found that they were the most suitable.

Any plans to sign them on with Left Profile and represent them in the Singapore market?
Haha...they both already have representation in Singapore but never say never. :)

Now that the movie is going "international" with its lead cast, can we expect to see plenty of star-studded international cameos too?
For 3 Peas, we have Indonesia's top Pop singer, Agnes Monica, to do a special appearance for us. She will also be singing the theme song for the movie. Agnes Monica has the rare combination of youth, beauty and immense talent. Her style, attitude and soulful singing are exactly what we were looking for and her emotive voice will bring a refreshing edge to the feel of the movie. Her involvement completes the international feel and quality of the movie that we are aiming for.

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