28 January 2013 10:00
Michelle Chong seeks out ‘Penny’ from 800 girls

After two intensive days of auditions at Marina Bay Sands, has Michelle Chong found ‘the one’ to play her lead actress?

Auditions for 3 Peas in a Pod
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Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Huat Films

For the 800 hopefuls who attended 3 Peas in a Pod’s auditions two weekends ago, the answer is yes. Michelle Chong has shortlisted a few faces but she’s “still deliberating” over her final choice and will be announcing her lead actress real soon. The girl Michelle seeks will play the female lead in the film, which co-stars Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen and former U-Kiss member Alexander Lee Eusebio.

“I’m still looking through the tape recordings on the shortlisted few,” Michelle said in a phone interview with xinmsn days after her public auditions. The budding director, who was prepared to resort to her backup plan of using a professional actress, was relieved and satisfied with her overall results from the auditions.

Michelle spoke of her difficulties finding the girl who’d fit the bill as ‘Penny’, the movie's main female. “In the beginning I thought it’d be pretty easy since we’re just looking for an ordinary university student. We’re not looking for someone super pretty or super tall, she’s just a girl-next-door. But after two days of auditions –my gosh—it’s very difficult to find someone who fits your criteria!”

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