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Michelle Reis wears a bikini to bathe son

The conservative Hong Kong actress fears the psychological impact of too-early gender education

Michelle Reis

Although many Western parents have caught on to the trend of bathing in the buff with their young children to educate them about the birds and the bees, Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis fears that doing so may affect the psychological wellbeing of her three-year-old son.

The discussion was sparked after Michelle posted a photo of herself playing in the bathtub with her son Jayden, while wearing a bikini.

When Michelle arrived at a horse racing press conference recently and was asked about the photo, she said with a smile that her son had requested to play in the water with her.

She was then asked if she would consider following the trend and bathing in the buff with her son, to which she replied: “If I don’t wear a bikini, it would affect him psychologically. Plus, children talk about everything. If I don’t wear anything, he would tell his friends.”

Michelle added that ultimately, she feels that there are differences between men and women, and she cannot accept bathing in the buff with her son.

She confessed that the photo was not taken by her husband, business tycoon Julian Hui, but was instead taken by her maid. “She took it better than my husband would,” she added.

Michelle Reis

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