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Ming Dao and Liu Shi Shi previously dated each other?

The pair was rumoured to be together for a year and a half after filming Angel’s Happiness together

Ming Dao, Liu Shishi

Although veteran Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu’s girlfriend, Liu Shishi, has remained rather scandal-free since her debut in 2005, the Chinese actress was said to have once dated Taiwanese singer Ming Dao, according to online rumours.

The netizen who broke the news even shared the details of their relationship. According to the source, the pair hit off after they started filming for drama series Angel’s Happiness in 2011, which sparked off a one-and-a-half year long relationship. They eventually broke up in June 2013.

It was also said that one of the extras on set saw the couple speaking in low voices in a deserted corridor, when filming for the series was about to end. The details of the conversation were suspected to be along the lines of how they were going to maintain their relationship after the filming ends, seeing that they would be in different places. But the discussion did not conclude amiably, and Shishi was seen leaving in a huff.

In July 2012, Ming Dao was seen emerging from a hotel with a long-haired woman, who is speculated to be Shishi. Putting two and two together, netizens’ suspicions were affirmed when Ming Dao revealed that he has been out of love for half a year, at his album release Lovelorn Aesthetics last month, which coincided with the time he supposedly broke up with Shishi. The actress got together with her new love Nicky Wu last November.

In Ming Dao’s album, a particular song called ‘I suddenly Want to Love Her’ was said to depict his relationship with Shishi. The music video for this song depicted two actors who fell in love after they filmed a drama together. A source from his production team also revealed that the storyline of the music video is based on his experiences.

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