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Miriam Yeung imparts pregnancy tips to Gigi Leung

Miriam Yeung dished out tips to her co-star at the press conference of their new movie Aberdeen

Miriam Yeung Gigi Leung

Hong Kong stars Miriam Yeung, Gigi Leung and Louis Koo attended the press conference of their new film Aberdeen on Monday. The topic switched from the movie to pregnancy, when Gigi was asked on the intimate scenes between Louis and herself.

Gigi, who has been trying hard for a baby, expressed her envy towards Miriam, the mother of a two-year-old boy. In return, Miriam shared a “tip” with her co-star: “There was a dancer who successfully conceived less than two months after she was gifted a pregnancy test kit by her friend.”

“It sounds unbelievable, but I got pregnant shortly after using a kit from the dancer!” she exclaimed.

Piqued with curiousity, Gigi started quietly consulting about the topic with Miriam. As a result, director Pang Ho-Cheung was so distracted that he jokingly requested the two actresses to leave their “personal discussion” for another occasion.

Meanwhile, Miriam also expressed her wish to have a second child. The plans were postponed due to her ovarian surgery last year, and she hopes to try for another baby after nursing back to health.

Miriam Yeung Pang Ho-Cheung Gigi Leung

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