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Mr Brown ‘runs for his life’ in debut big screen role

The prominent local blogger shares his first big screen acting experience in Ah Boys to Men 2

Mr Brown

Text/Photos: Teo Sijia
Video: Fiona Lin, Teng Siew Eng

Popular local blogger Mr Brown did not know that he was in for a 'physical torture' when he accepted director Jack Neo's invitation to cameo in army comedy Ah Boys to Men 2.

In his first movie role, the blogger plays the role of an assessor in charge of examining recruits in the highly anticipated sequel to the two-part film.

Ah Boys to Men, about the adventures of a group of recruits going through Basic Military Training, earned over S$6 million in the local box office and became the top-grossing Asian title in Singapore last year.

At the press conference of Ah Boys to Men 2 yesterday, Mr Brown, whose name is Lee Kin Mun, said that he was made to run 'more than he ever did in his entire life.'

In one of the scenes, he had to run for his life while being chased by a pack of wild boars. However, he had to use his imagination because there was no real wild boar present during the shoot - they were computer generated.

"I have never run so much in my life before. I think I ran more in that three days of filming than in my army days," he said.

Besides being physically challenging, Mr Brown added that he had to 'put in a lot of emotion into the running scene'.

Mr Brown

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