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New photos of Li Zongrui’s sexual exploits released

Latest photos revealed that the disgraced Taiwanese heir drugged his victims before sexual intercourse with them

Li Zongrui

There are new developments in the investigations of Li Zongrui’s sexual exploits following the release of a new batch of photos. These incriminating pictures revealed new details of his modus operandi and further reinforced the belief that Zongrui drugged his female partners before bedding them.

According to prosecutors, Zongrui tend to film his victims in their drugged-out and unconscious state using a video camera and a phone.

The Taipei district prosecutors have loosely classified the 93 videos that Zongrui recorded of his sexual exploits into four main categories -- “suspected to be drugged”, “suspected to be sexually assaulted”, “willing parties” and “secretly-filmed parties”.

To defend himself, Zongrui maintained that his video-filming act was carried out under mutual agreement by both parties and called it a “one-night stand”; he denied drugging them.

The content of these clips showed Zongrui’s sexual acts with 50 different women, with some appearing in more than one clip. So far out of these 50 women, only 10 involved parties have willingly stood out to testify against him in court.

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Li Zongrui

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