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Nicholas Tse avoids Faye Wong in Paris

A reunion for the former lovebirds was made impossible in consideration of the actor’s ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung

Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong

Hong Kong actor-singer Nicholas Tse had a chance to meet up with his proclaimed “most beloved”, Chinese diva Faye Wong in Paris earlier this month but has avoided doing so in respect of his former wife, Hong Kong actress, Cecilia Cheung.

The opportunity was created under the arrangement of their mutual friend, Vicki Zhao. The 33-year-old host was in France for his food variety show 12 ‘Feng’ Taste, and his ex-girlfriend, Faye, was there to accompany Vicki for the Paris Fashion Week.

When Nicholas was filming at one of Vicki’s wineries in France, he turned down an invitation to have dinner with Vicki and Faye in consideration of the feelings of his former wife, Cecilia, who has recently relocated to Singapore with their children.

Despite so, rumours have it that this does not matter as they could have possibly met elsewhere outside Paris. The two ex-lovebirds are also, reportedly, in close contact even after breaking up some 10 years back.

In response to media query, Faye chose not to answer, responding only with a smile.

Nicholas, on the other hand, has declined to comment on related topics.

The Faye-Nicholas love-story first took the entertainment scene by storm back in 2000, when they were seen walking out hand-in-hand from the In the Mood for Love movie celebration party, as Faye is 11 years older than Nicholas.

Both subsequently had their own families but are now single as they have both recently divorced.

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