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Nicky Wu feels nothing when kissing Liu Shishi?

Nicky Wu revealed that his kissing scenes with girlfriend Liu Shishi don’t excite him

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Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu claimed that he didn’t feel anything when filming kiss scenes with girlfriend Liu Shishi (also known as Cecilia Liu), causing the actress’ fans to be offended.

43-year-old Nicky and Shishi, 26, developed feelings for each other while filming the hit period drama Scarlet Heart. The pair got together while collaborating once again for its sequel, Bu Bu Jing Qing.

In Bu Bu Jing Qing, Shishi plays two different characters, and has a “time-travel” kiss scene with her boyfriend, set at a large-scale company event that Nicky’s character organises. The real and reel-life couple had such great chemistry that they finished the scene in three takes.

Although the intimate scene is under much public scrutiny, Nicky expressed that he “feels nothing when filming kiss scenes (with Shishi).” Shishi’s fans felt indignant on the behalf of the actress, and they even jokingly told her to “discipline” him.

As Shishi is currently filming for The Imperial Doctress, she will only be able to take enough time off to attend five events, while Nicky – who is now shouldering the burden of promoting the drama – is set to appear at 20 different events.

The stars’ managing company filtered through all questions from the media in order to ensure that the spotlight was not overly focused on Nicky and Shishi’s romance. Nicky, too, hopes that the sequel can gain audience’s approval.

Nicky and Shishi have enjoyed a fairly low-profile relationship since they went public in November last year. Hence, their joint appearances are highly anticipated by the media.

Bu Bu Jing Qing will be airing in China starting next Tuesday, April 22.

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