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Niki Chow’s new lover exposed

The Hong Kong actress was spotted with a Caucasian male at a friend’s birthday party yesterday

Niki Chow

Hong Kong actress Niki Chow attended a friend’s birthday party with a Caucasian male yesterday, sparking a new wave of dating rumours.

The pair arrived at the party together amidst rumours that Niki is currently in a relationship, leading to assumptions that the Caucasian male is her current lover. They were also caught whispering in each other’s ears often while drinking at the party, behaving like a dating couple.

After leaving the party at about 1am, Niki chatted happily with the Caucasian male as the pair took a stroll down the streets; Niki’s male friend even held her hand several times.

The pair parted abruptly in shock when they discovered the presence of the media nearby and Niki left in a taxi after exchanging a few quick words with her Caucasian beau.

The 33-year-old actress was previously in a relationship with Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng and Eric, son of a textile company owner. Dating rumours between Niki and Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong also made headlines following the actor’s high profile breakup with Myolie Wu.

Niki Chow

Niki Chow

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Niki Chow

Niki Chow


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