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Niki Chow blackmailed by paparazzi

The TVB actress was told to pay S$16,000 to “redeem” photos of her on a date with her boyfriend

Niki Chow Jeremy Tsui

Hong Kong actress Niki Chow and her boyfriend, Chinese actor Jeremy Tsui, attended a friend’s birthday celebration at a Shanghai restaurant last Friday. According to the Chinese media, a reporter allegedly snuck into the restaurant and snapped pictures of the couple, before he was discovered and chased out by the staff.

After the party, Niki was reportedly blackmailed by the paparazzo, who demanded the actress to pay RMB $80,000 (approximately S$16,000) to redeem the photos. The reporter also threatened to sell the photos to other media outlets, if she refused to “buy” them from him.

Angered by the reporter’s unethical behaviour, Niki got her manager to upload a group photo, which showed both Niki and Jeremy in the same picture, on her microblog.

Niki and Jeremy first met on the set of Chinese drama The Virtuous Queen of Han. Their relationship came to light in August, when the actress was seen celebrating her new beau’s birthday at her house.

Even though the 34-year-old has yet to acknowledge the relationship, she hinted at her blissful love life at the recent 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards. “Many people say that a woman in love doesn’t need food to survive. But actually, I love to eat,” said Niki.

Niki Chow Jeremy Tsui

Niki Chow Jeremy Tsui

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