06 December 2012 05:45
Of Love & Hidden Charms: Behind the “romantic” finale scene

Take a peek and see what goes on at the film site – and between the stars – when it’s time to pucker up for the cameras for the show’s final scene

Of Love & Hidden Charms: Behind the “romantic” finale scene
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Text & Photos: Joanna Goh
Videos: Teng Siew Eng and Ling Pak Wei

Music plays softly as the camera rolls and pans to the male lead, Nat Ho, who leans in and swoops his female star, Rebecca Lim, for a peck on her lips after his character (Ming) confesses his feelings for Rebecca’s character, Christel. After the deed is done, the camera gradually loses its focus on the leads and their surroundings blur out as the sun sets and gives the final episode of xinmsn’s web series Of Love & Hidden Charms, a dreamy nod and happy end.

But wait, hold ya horses! Whilst it was a romantic picture to paint on screen (and in words), being on the film set with the crew and the two leads told us a different story – and perhaps, a lesser heard and seen one.  

For starters, imagine having to romance the girl of your dreams with the sound man standing 5 feet away, three camera men before you, and the entire crew waiting and watching things unfold with bated anticipation to quickly wrap up and move to the next location.

Er, not quite romantic after all…

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