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Oscars 2014: Why Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win

Why Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win an Oscar this year

Why Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win an Oscar this year (© Rex)
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Most movie stars play variations of themselves, but few are considered serious actors capable of pulling off any role. Leonardo DiCaprio is a precious exception. Dedicated, intuitive, versatile and uncommonly selective, with boyish good looks and Connery-level charisma, he is nothing less than an international treasure.

With 20 years of classic films to his credit, and three Oscar nominations prior to his Wolf of Wall Street nod, the time is surely right for our Leo to get the recognition he deserves by winning his first Academy Award. The first of many, we expect.

A controversially upbeat, comedic take on the outrageous life and times of crooked stockbroker Jordan Belfort, Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street has our Leo to thank for making an irredeemably unpleasant character an absolute joy to watch. For three hours, no less, as he swaggers his wicked way through a debauched party lifestyle that Caligula, or even Charlie Sheen, would envy.

Few actors would be able to pull off a character as reprehensible as Belfort so successfully. It’s a bravura performance, and with a Golden Globe already attesting to his prowess in the role, we’re officially declaring our support for DiCaprio’s latest bid for Oscar glory. Surely he deserves it.

To get the ball rolling on our campaign, here’s a brisk celebration of 10 terrific LDC performances from movies’ past. Quite why he hasn’t won a whole horde of Oscars already is beyond us...

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