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Oxide Pang expresses pity for Liddy Li

Oxide Pang speaks up for the first time after he was found cheating on Angelica Lee

Oxide Pang

Hong Kong director Oxide Pang has been lying low after he was found cheating on his wife, Malaysian actress Angelica Lee, with Hong Kong actress-singer Liddy Li.

Oxide finally resumed work yesterday, since his return to Malaysia two weeks ago to spend time with his wife, in a bid to save his marriage. He responded to media queries during his stopover in Hong Kong, enroute to Beijing where he was preparing for an upcoming film.

Though he lightly admitted that Angelica has forgiven him, and that they will not divorce, his wedding ring was visibly missing from his finger.

He declined to comment when reporters asked about Angelica, and if he was still in contact with Liddy. But when reporters mentioned the death of Liddy’s father, he could not help but exclaim: “It’s so tragic!”

Though he confessed that he had not met her father before, he said: “I’m also very worried about her, but I have to hide away myself. What happened is a life lesson for me. It’s a script that I can’t bear to write myself.”

It was said that he had actually sent a text message to console Liddy after he found out about the tragic incident when he was in Malaysia.

Liddy reportedly wanted to continue her relationship with Oxide, and was said to have found opportunities to meet up with him. She even hinted that she would hold a press conference to disclose what went on behind closed doors.

An insider revealed that Liddy handled the whole affair very calmly, even upon her father’s death, and avoided the media successfully with the help of her friends and family members.

“She doesn’t answer her phone nor reply her WhatsApp,” the insider said. “But when reporters followed her on Instagram, she accepted it, so it means that she may reveal things soon after her father’s funeral.”

Oxide Pang

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