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Pace Wu gives birth to a baby girl

The Taiwanese model named her baby after Hillary Clinton

Pace Wu

Taiwanese celebrity Pace Wu underwent a caesarean section and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who weighs 2.7kg,  in Hong Kong yesterday.

Pace named her daughter Hillary (“Little Ruirui”), as she hopes that she will be as courageous, smart and strong as Hillary Clinton.

The first-time mother not hold back her tears and exclaimed: “Although I knew this is how giving birth is like, but to see a 50-cm baby emerged from my own body – it’s just amazing!”

Taiwanese model Bianca Bai came to visit her, together with Dee and Barbie Hsu. Dee said: “We’re so happy for her – it was tough, and she needs to take time to recuperate. I’m looking forward to when she brings the child out in future!”

Aya, who is three months pregnant, also sent her congratulations. “Hope that the child will grow up safely,” she said. “Very happy for them. So many of us are becoming mothers recently, and it’s great to go on the journey of motherhood together.”

Pace is rumoured to be having her confinement in Hong Kong and will register her daughter’s birth there. She will soon marry Integrated Capital Limited CEO Ji Xiaobo, who has a net worth of HK10 billion (approximately S$1.6 billion).

Pace Wu

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