Friday, 15 August 2014 16:45 | By Dang Hui Ling

Pan Ling Ling and Liu Ling Ling to act as sisters in new drama

The two actresses will be playing a pair of getai sisters in their first collaboration for upcoming drama 118

Liu Ling Ling, Pan Ling Ling

Liu Ling Ling and Pan Ling Ling, the two veterans of getai and acting respectively, will pairup as getai sisters in upcoming Channel 8 drama 118, a longform dramaedy with more than 190 episodes.

At the imaging session held last week, the two told xinmsn in an interview that they “created havoc” on set as they had the same name and would get confused when someone calls out “Ling Ling”.

Thankfully, the two will take on different names in the show and Liu Ling Ling will play Liu Jie Jie, a getai veteran in Ang Mo Kio, and Pan Ling Ling will play “Liu Mei Mei”, the lady boss of a coffee shop.

“A name is just a title, we look totally different! Pan Ling Ling has the looks of an empress, my face is that of a neglected woman,” Liu Ling Ling said, causing much laughter.

The two “Ling Ling”s did the interview together and shared a lot of chemistry – even completing each other’s lines despite this being their first collaboration.

Pan Ling Ling, who was diagnosed with breast cancer early this year, appeared lively and energetic although she is currently still under medication. She has employed a maid to help her at home and is happy to return to work with Channel 5’s Mata Mata 2 and 118.

Liu Ling Ling, Pan Ling Ling

Liu Ling Ling (L), Pan Ling Ling (R)

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