Cynthia Koh and Darren Lim (MediaCorp)

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3. Cynthia Koh and Darren Lim
This onscreen pair's on our list if only by the sheer number of times they've been each other's other half: a record five times in a row. But what we really applaud is their romantic diversity which is hardly a carbon copy of one another. First, a hat trick of three dramas within three years as unhappy marrieds in 2007's Kinship, illicit lovers (with a much talked-bout bed scene) in Little Nyonya (2008), and heartland hawkers in last year's My School Daze. This year, just two months after collaboration number four as husband and wife in Happy Family in January, where Cynthia donned a fat suit, they're playing ex-flames (hey, that still counts) in the current drama series The Best Things In Life. Their chemistry together over the years hasn't gone unrecognized; it's a partnership that's compatible as it is believable and realistic. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Reel to Real chances: 0% Darren's like the model celebrity dad. He and wife Evelyn Tan have been featured in variety shows about parenting and the entire family (they have two kids) is the newest spokespersons for dengue fever awareness. Cynthia, on the other hand, has been known for her high-profile relationships with exes Ix Shen and Adam Chen.