Then: MrJust-a-rich-man's-son
Now: Mr. Rich-man's-son-who's-dashingly loaded-himself
Nip/Tuck Maybe: Chin (jaw line), Nose

Did Hong Kong TVB actor Raymond Lam undergo plastic surgery to realign his lower jaw?

A Hong Kong publication claims he did and even went to the extent of giving him a new nickname - 'prawn dumpling boy' - as they felt his jaw line resembles the shape of the dim sum staple.

The son of Xiamen's property tycoon, Raymond isn't doing too badly these days. He's been reaping in a fortune from many product endorsement deals.

On his cosmetic surgery allegations, the 31-year-old actor could only laugh it off, saying: "I don't even follow a daily regime to take care of my face, why would I do plastic surgery? It's absurd."

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