Then: Small eyes beauty
Now: Big eyes diva
Nip/Tuck Maybe: Eyelids

Elva Hsiao is probably one of the few rare celebrities who is not afraid to tell the world that she's not all-natural.

And we respect the Taiwanese dance machine for her honesty.

Not only did she openly admit to having done a double eyelid surgery, the cosmetic treatment was apparently carried out with absolute approval from the starlet's late mother, whom Elva claimed was adamant about seeing her daughter with a pair of beautiful eyes even at her deathbed.

Prior to the surgery, Elva had reportedly spent two hours on eye make-up alone, every time she leaves home.

Now that the diva has got the little help, she's looking more ravishing than ever.

We're glad she went ahead with the surgery; after all, all that extra time she had spent on make-up would only mean less Elva-licious stage performances!

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