Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: One Production
Videos: Teng Siew Eng

Jolin Tsai

While dancing was never Jolin Tsai's forte, the Taiwanese singer relentlessly trained and pushed herself over the limits to achieve this newfound identity. Likening herself as a wound-up ballerina figure who "jumped out of her musical box", Jolin showed the local crowd what she was made of last night at her "Myself" World Tour concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium.

She kicked off the night with her first dance song 'Hua Hi Die', and performed a total of 10 upbeat tunes, one after another while displaying her insane costume-changing speed of 20s with different outfits to each song.

From a nude bodysuit draped with white beads to a intergalactic outfit with silvery spirals crafted around her, and a white mini 'durian-like' dress that also resembles a feather duster, this adroit dancer's concert outfits were bold, fanciful, over-the-top and very Jolin.

Calling out to the stadium chocked full of fans, she teased the 8000-strong crowd and asked, "Singapore, is that all you've got?" making reference to a widely-acknowledged fact that Singaporeans are slow to "warm-up" in a concert.

The 31-year-old then cajoled the crowd into standing and asked for cheers to go louder, "Show me your sultry side! You have to show it now, if not it will be too late and I'll say bye bye when you guys eventually show it."

Jolin Tsai

Also in town for her best pal Stefanie Sun's wedding shindig on Sunday, it was as if Jolin's pleas worked its charms on concertgoers. Taking a break from her dancing shoes and hypnotic 'voguing' hand moves, she had the entire stadium crooning along to her next ballad song, 'Tian Kong' and the popular duet she once performed with Jay Chou, 'Dao Dai'.

From sexy to cute in 'Ma De Li Bu Xi Yi', the fervent crowd went electric the moment Jolin hit the dancefloor with 'Wu Niang'. Her much-talked about gymnastics routine with the ribbon twirling performance had fans cheering wildly in exhilaration as they watched her flaunt her agility and grace.

Telling fans to treat the stadium as "a nightclub" for her concert, the event morphed into a major dance-out as Jolin and her entourage of dancers came out in fun, nautical outfits. After performing to her earlier up-tempo hits of 'Ye Man You Xi' and 'Kan Wo 72 Bian', the concert came to a show-stopping finish when Jolin started dancing vigorously in a water fountain which spouted out of the stage.

The Taiwanese Pop Princess of yesteryears is now a sexy dancing diva.

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