Kim Hyung Jun

Text & Photos: Joelle Chong

Korean pop star Kim Hyung Jun is really a comedic person.

More than once, he made the media present at the interview burst out into laughter. During his fan meeting later that night, fans were tickled by the witty 23-year-old.

Held at the Ink Bar, Fairmount Hotel, Hyung Jun arrived, dressed impeccably in a navy blue jacket and black pants, to promote his first solo debut album Girl. The polite star first greeted everyone with a quick 'hello', before bursting into his trademark baritone chuckle.

"One of the challenges I faced when producing the album was finding my musical style," Hyung Jun said, attempting the first question thrown to him.

It might have taken him a while to settle on the urban pop genre, but the singer must be very satisfied with the final product. He gave this first album a 90 out of 100 score and cheekily called it a "very good album".

Good or not, we're sure the fans definitely loved it.

That night, Hyung Jun held his fan meeting at Rock Auditorium, Suntec City, where he turned the place into a club.

Hyung Jun opened his performance with 'oH! aH!', the titular song from the album. Fans shook the green lightsticks on their hands fervently as they screamed and chanted on the exact time and in the correct rhythm.

"Park Jung Min is not sexy," he declared as soon as he sat down with the emcee and translator.

He was referring to his member -- and best friend -- from his group SS501. Jung Min used to introduce himself as 'Sexy Charisma'.

When asked what the one thing he wanted to hear from fans was, Hyung Jun admitted, "I want to hear [them tell me] that my songs are very nice."

During the first segment of the night, Ken, the emcee, taught Hyung Jun how to speak Singlish. Watching their idol trying to understand the meaning behind 'la', 'meh', 'sia' and learning where to use the words made the fans giggle at his silliness.

Hyung Jun caught on quickly though, for he teased Ken, "Handsome meh?"

To which, Ken replied, "Genius sia!"

Kim Hyung Jun

The singer then performed 'Girl', the second single off his album. After his performance, Hyung Jun was told to select a lucky fan, who would receive a portrait of herself from the singer, who would be drawing on the spot. A fan from Thailand was the envy of others in the auditorium when her seat number was called.

The night had barely started. Five other girls were selected via their seat numbers and were called on stage. Each fan took a special Polaroid picture with Hyung Jun. After all the pictures were taken, the considerate singer even made a quick check.

He decided that the photos were not good enough and told the five fans to take new one with him after his show ends.

Halfway through the show, Ken spotted a fan, who stood out particularly.

"Look there!" he pointed to the girl and nudged Hyung Jun. "Where are you from?"

Jessica, who's from Russia, must be the luckiest girl of the night. Fans were shouting themselves hoarse when Jessica was told to go on stage. Hyung Jun placed her on a stool and the music for 'I AM' came on. He serenaded Jessica with the song, gave her a rose and a long hug when the song ended.

The one-and-a-half-hour fan meeting proved to be too short for the fans as they chanted for an encore. Hyung Jun took to the stage quickly and performed two songs, before thanking his fans for turning up to support him.

Kim Hyung Jun

On behalf of the local fan club Triple S Singapore, Ken presented Hyung Jun with a trophy that said, "You'll always be our Number 1". A special video clip created by the fan club was also shown during the fan meeting.

After watching the video, a deeply touched Hyung Jun said, "I'm sorry, because I'm always on the receiving end."

However, fans assured him it was all right. Then, the polite idol bowed and thanked them for the umpteenth time that night.

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