David Tao & Melody Yin Yue // David Tao, Melody Yin Yue (soso.com)

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David Tao & Melody Yin Yue

Taiwanese singer David Tao is usually straightforward with his emotions both in words and in songs. On his 2002 Black Tangerine album, he wrote the song Melody, lamenting about a broken relationship he had before he entered the entertainment industry. The album performed well on the charts, and became one of the top 10 selling albums in Hong Kong that year.

Coincidentally, this particular ex-girlfriend, singer-actress Melody Yin Yue, was about to enter the industry when the song was released, and her name was the title of the track. This immediately left the media branding her as the "ex-girlfriend of David Tao," a label that stayed with her until her marriage with a businessman in 2006.