Jiro Wang Ku Hye Sun

Text & Photos: Wenting Ang
Additional Photos: Channel U

Perfect boyfriend Jiro Wang and Korean actress Ku Hye Sun were in town last weekend to promote their latest drama, Absolute Boyfriend. The onscreen couple first met with the media at the press conference on Saturday before embarking on a series of promotional activities for the drama.

At the press conference, the pair left no questions unanswered as they shared their acting experiences with reporters present. Jiro even demonstrated the simple Korean phrases that he picked up during filming which tickled both co-star Hye Sun and the media.

The actor then let on that Hye Sun had used "smelly tofu" as a metaphor to describe him and co-star Kun Da. The actress amused the media when she explained that she wants to use a food that she enjoys to describe her co-stars and smelly tofu happened to be a Taiwanese dish that she loves.

Later that night, the pair went on board a romantic cruise with lucky fans. To counter the strong and choppy waves due to the heavy rain, the fans responded with greater enthusiasm and gave loud cheers for the duo when they were asked to do a toast with intertwined arms.

However, the cruise was cut short as many, including Hye Sun, felt seasick and could not continue with the games. The group photo session on board the romantic cruise was cancelled as well. Fans were however, organized into pairs to take a photo with Jiro and Hye Sun after they returned to land.

The meet and greet session at Square 2 on Sunday saw an astounding turn-out as it was the only open event for Absolute Boyfriend promotional activities in Singapore. Jiro and Hye Sun greeted the fans, many of whom had waited for them since the morning, before starting to sign autographs for the first 120 fans present.

Before Jiro and Hye Sun left Singapore, they attended one last event where they made a special home visit to two lucky fans. Not only did these fans get to meet the pair in person, they also received autographs from the cast and had a photo taken together.

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Absolute Boyfriend will air on Ch U, every Sunday 9.30PM. You can also catch Absolute Boyfriend on xinmsn's Catch-Up TV here!