Text: Joanna Goh reporting from Los Angeles
Photos & movie stills: Disney Singapore

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson in The Avengers

If there was one character we found particularly memorable in The Avengers, it'd have to be Agent Phil Coulson, hands down.

He shares a "special connection" with Tony Stark, was "in-charge of the hammer" that belongs to Thor, knows about Jane Foster, and eventually enlists himself into S.H.I.E.L.D because of his childhood hero, Captain America...

Apart from embodying humanistic qualities, looking cool and sleek in his black shades and well-pressed Dolce & Gabanna suit, Agent Coulson personally fanboys Captain America, plays nanny to a bunch of superheroes, and ultimately becomes the main catalyst for the Avengers' alliance against Thor's older brother and the show's main villain, Loki (Tom Hilddleston).

For those who have already caught Marvel's latest movie flick, The Avengers, which had a fabulous showing on Tuesday in Singapore with a record-breaking S$2.23mil on opening day (previous record set by Spider Man 3 which brought in S$1.02mil on opening day in Singapore), you'd understand how crucial and pivotal a role Agent Coulson plays in this movie.

The Avengers

When xinmsn caught up with the American chap who is known for his TV work on The New Adventures of Old Christine, Clark, at the Disney press junket for The Avengers in Los Angeles Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel, Clark made us pinky-promise that all related articles to his character will come with spoiler notes.

Before we tread on forbidden grounds and quote spoiler-esque anecdotes that were discussed in the interview, here's what Clark has to share about his favourite dysfunctional superhero family and being part of The Avengers.

And for those reading this, if you've seen the movie, are a fan of Agent Coulson, and would like to see his storyline be made into a standalone Marvel franchise, do as Clark says: "Would you please Tweet that?!"

The Avengers (3D) is now showing in all cinemas.