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Pierre Png: I will be a good dad

The Marry Me actor shares his thoughts on adoption, parenting, and the most romantic thing he’s ever done for a girl.

Pierre Png: I will be a good dad

Text: Tammi Tan
Photos: Tammi Tan and Lim Wen Ying
Video: Ling Pak Wei

Pierre Png says he will make a good dad, just like his own “cool” father was to him as a child. The MediaCorp actor cannot wait to start a family, but he and his wife, Andrea De Cruz, are still sitting on plans to adopt as they’re waiting for the right moment.

“Adoption is a very sensitive and serious decision to make,” he told xinmsn in an interview following the press conference for Channel U’s Marry Me, held at a picturesque cafe in Bishan Park. “You’re changing someone’s life, including your own. It’s not just something you can do just because you ‘feel good’.”

“Right now we’re just going with the flow. But if a baby magically appears on our doorstep one day, then we’ll take it as a sign from God,” Pierre joked.

Pierre and Andrea are unlikely to conceive as Andrea is on anti-rejection medication after an organ transplant in 2002. The actress suffered from liver failure after taking slimming pills, but was pulled from the brink of death when Pierre donated part of his own liver to her.

Pierre Png: I will be a good dad

When asked what kind of parent he’d make, Pierre declared confidently, “I think I will be a damn good dad,” and a very long-winded one, he added.

“I’d use the same old tactic as my dad, who could spend up to three hours patiently talking me out of misbehaving. He’s a very cool guy so I’d use his methods to bring up my own kids.” As for Andrea as a mother, Pierre said she would definitely be the “good cop” to his “bad cop”.

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